I am Lee and I am 14 years old.

My Conversion
My mother and my father are Christians and we attended church regularly. When I was about 9 or 10 years old I told my father that I wanted to be saved. He led me through a prayer of acceptance of Jesus into my heart. I believe that I was truly saved at that time. It felt like a great weight had been lifted.

My Walk with the Lord
Since then I have felt different from most. There was definitely a bugging feeling in my subconscious. Ive felt more morally correct in my actions they definitely changed after I accepted Him.

The things that inspire me most and bring me closest to God are fellowship with my Christian family and my Christian friends and the church services.

The Bible
 I feel that the bible is the rule book for the game of life.

I think that we should witness. It is awkward at first, but after a while you get used to it. I think that the best way to reach the lost is to get to know them first. This can help start conversations and jump start the witnessing process.

Spiritual Goals
I do want to have a deeper and more fruitful walk with the Lord. I also want to to bring as many people as I can with me to heaven.

Computer Programing
 I would like to master some more programming languages. I would also like to create some video games similar to Netroid or Prime 4. I am also attracted to PC hacking.

 I like golf.