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The Path to PURPOSE and JOY


·         GOD is HOLY – the criteria for His acceptance is perfection.

·         The best of humanity falls far short of this perfection.

·         We are all doomed to rejection unless somehow perfection
is applied to our account.

·         The gospel is the good news of how this can be accomplished.
It is described as the substitutionary atonement – the terrible
penalty for our sins being paid by another.  It is the innocent
dying  for the guilty.

·         But more than that it is the righteousness of the innocent one  (Christ)
applied to the account of the guilty one (you or me).

·         This transaction can only be received on God’s terms – it must be
received as a free gift (by grace). It can’t be earned – lest we boast.

·         When it happens, a miraculous change is accomplished.  We become the dwelling place of the Holy Spirit. 

·         We are now a new person – we have been Born Again.  We now
want to live for God.

·         Although we have been changed, we still experience the temptations to sin – sometimes we do sin.  But things are different now – the Holy Spirit who dwells within us brings conviction to our spirit.  This leads us to repentance and confession.  And when we do this we are forgiven and restored to sweet fellowship with God.

·         Having been given the sweet assurance of eternal life, and understanding that it is a free gift, we now want to share the good news with others.

·         So the great purpose driven life of prayer, bible study, witness, good works, giving,  love of God and love of fellow man fills our life with joy and peace.

·         How do I do it?  Accept the fact that you need forgiveness from God and a changed life.  By faith receive Jesus Christ as your savior – thank Him for what He has done in your behalf -  follow up by attending  a bible believing church or fellowship. Then be baptized to show forth in a symbolic way what has happened to you. You will never regret walking this path.




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 *  “The whole Bible is builded around the Beautiful Story of  Christ and His promise of Life Eternal to those who Accept Him. The Bible was written only that men might believe, and Understand, and Know, and Love, and Follow CHRIST.

   Christ, the Center and Heart of the Bible, the Center and Heart of History, is the Center and Heart of Our Lives. Our Eternal Destiny is in His hand. Our Acceptance, or Rejection, of Him, determines, for each of us, Eternal Glory, or Eternal Ruin; Heaven, or Hell: one, or the other.

   The Most Important Decision any one is ever called on to make is to Settle, in his heart, once for all, the matter of his Attitude toward Christ. On that depends Everything.

   It is a Glorious thing to be a Christian, the Most Exalted privilege of mankind. To accept Christ as Saviour, Lord, and Master, and to strive Sincerely and Devotedly to Follow in the Way of Life which He taught, is, certainty, and by far, the most reasonable, and most satisfactory way to live. It means Peace, Peace of Mind, Contentment of Heart, Forgiveness, Happiness, Hope, Life, Life Here and Now, Life Abundant, LIFE THAT SHALL NEVER END.

How can any one be so blind, or so dumb, as to go through life, and Face Death, without the Christian Hope? Apart from Christ, what is there, what can there be, either for This World, or the Next, to make life worthwhile? We All have to Die. Why try to laugh it off? It seems like Every Human Being would Welcome Christ with Open Arms, and consider it the Proudest Privilege of his life to wear the Christian Name.

   In the last analysis, the dearest; sweetest thing in life is the consciousness, in the inner depths of our motives, that we live for Christ; and, though our efforts be ever so feeble, we toil at our daily tasks, in hope of, in the final round-up, having done something to lay, in humble gratitude and adoration, as an offering at His feet.”

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         * Halley’s Bible Handbook p25


The tract is printed on 8.5 by 11 paper both sides (landscape)
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The page is then sliced in half to make two tracts.
Each tract is then folded twice such that the two titles show on it's outside.
The tract is black and white but you can add color if you like.
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but leave the reference to Halley's Bible Handbook in.

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