• Are you sure that you will go to heaven when you die?
  • This attractive tract asks seven questions from 1John to help you find out.
  • The tract is easily produced at home from MS Word files -- provided free.
  • You are encouraged to produce and distribute the tract so that many will know the biblical exam for genuine saving faith.
  • Actual size of tract is 3x4.25 inches -- See bottom of page for details.
           Download  --  joyfull.zip  to obtain the four files and a directions file. 

Directions For Making The Tract

  • Print on standard 8.5 x 11 white paper using  MS Word97 or later.

  • Use files Joyfull1.doc and Joyfull2.doc to print both sides of page.
       This creates 12 inner pages of the tract.

  • Use files Joyfulla.doc and Joyfullb.doc to print both sides of page.
       This creates 3 copies of the cover page of the tract.

  • Slice or cut along the lines and separate into the 4 stacks of pages
       with pages  9,11,13, and the picture page up.

  • Assemble a tract in the 9,11,13,and picture order -- fold to find the center and put a single staple in the crease  (If you don't have a long neck stapler, gently fold under the inserted half to position the stapler).  Refold the tract to finish.

  • Download  --  joyfull.zip  to obtain the four files and a directions file.
       Use pkunzip or winzip to uncompress the files.

      Suggestions:   Use paper slicer and long neck stapler to make it easier.  You could also setup a paper stop on the stapler to eliminate the first fold (which finds the center) -- just set a stop at 4 1/4".   Use quality staples such as Swingline S.F. 4 Premium -- they are more reliable and do a nice job. If you use a paper slicer, you can slice 5 pages at a time by stapling the pages together at the unused part of the page.
       Questions: Contact  me if you have any questions about this tract or suggestions on how to improve it -- God bless -- Ed McCord  937-426-2103   edmccord@sbcglobal.net